Miniflux Hosting

The hosted version is for people who don’t want to manage their own server.

The subscription is only $15/year with a free trial period of 15 days.
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Why use the hosted version?

Everything is managed for you
You do not have to worry about technical details: servers, security updates, SSL certificates, domain names, backups, monitoring, etc...
Always up to date
This solution is maintained by the creator of Miniflux. There is always bug fixes and improvements.
  • Miniflux does not collect or share personal information.
  • Your data (feeds) are kept confidential and are not given or sold to third parties.
  • We do not track your usage.
  • We do not send spam or marketing messages.
  • We do not use any sort of analytics software.
  • All your data are purged after account cancellation.
If you are not paying for it, you are the product. We are small, not a large scale business. We are not a startup backed by venture capitalists. Miniflux Hosting exists since 2013.
Human customer support
You can talk directly by email to the main developer, a real human, not another outsourced customer support. We can communicate in English or French.
Compatible with the open source version
The hosted version run exactly the same code as the open-source version. There is no proprietary fork or vendor lock-in, only one code base.
Support indie developers
Help small indie developers instead of giving your money to a large corporation.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How to subscribe to the hosted version?
When you create a new account, you should receive an email that contains a link to the shopping cart. Follow the link and choose your payment method.
What payment methods are accepted?
We accept PayPal and credit cards. We do not store any sensitive information on our servers. Credit cards are processed by Stripe.
How to close my trial account?
Your trial account and your data will be removed automatically if you don’t subscribe.
How to cancel my subscription?
Contact the support by email: support AT miniflux DOT net. Your account and all your data will be removed without asking questions.
How to renew my subscription?
Subscriptions are not renewed automatically. You will receive several email notifications before the end of your subscription. Click on the link that will redirect you to the shopping cart.
Where is hosted Miniflux?
Miniflux is hosted on a server located in Toronto, Canada.
What is the Miniflux application URL?
The application is available at
How often feeds are refreshed?
Subscriptions are updated every hour. Sometimes, it might take a little bit longer depending on the size of the queue.
How do I reset my password?
At the moment, there is no feature to re-initialize your password. If you forgot your password, send an email to It’s strongly advised to use a password manager.
Where are the terms of service?
Terms of Service and Privacy