Telegram is a free, cross-platform, cloud-based instant messaging software. You can enable integration via Telegram Bot API and new entries will be pushed to the specific chat when fetched.

Telegram Bot Configuration

You should create a bot using @BotFather and get the bot token from it.

Create a bot using @BotFater

Then invite @getidsbot to your channel or group, or just send /about to the bot if you want to push the message to the direct message chat to you. Get the chat id field from the message. You can stop or remove the bot after getting the id.

Get chat id using @getidsbot

Now invite your bot to your channel or group, or send some message to it if you want to push the message to the direct message.

Miniflux Configuration

Fill in the values collected above and enable the Telegram bot integration in miniflux, and new entries should be pushed to the chat you have selected now.

Telegram Bot Integration

The topic ID is optional. You have to enable this feature explicitly in Telegram.

Telegram Messages

Message with a comment button:

Telegram notification with comments

Message with a web page preview:

Telegram notification with preview