Third-Party Applications

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Fluxjs is a responsive design frontend. You can browse your rss feeds from your mobile or your desktop.

Links: GitHub


A simple Newsreader for the miniflux backend. This newsreader sync with the Miniflux server API.

It supports light and dark mode, mark articles as read on scrollover and open articles preferred in an already installed app.

Links: GitHub


Lire can sync with Miniflux. It uses both the Fever API and the Miniflux API.



  1. Enable the Fever integration in Miniflux and define a Fever username and password (Go to Settings > Integrations)

Fever API

  1. Create a new Miniflux API Key in Settings > API Keys

Miniflux API Key

  1. Enter the connection information created above in Lire settings (select Miniflux in the list of self-hosted sync services)

Lire Settings

Links: Official website, iOS App Store, Mac App Store


This reader has features that cannot be provided to form a conventional web page.


Links: Google Play



Links: Google Play, GitHub


Reminiflux is an alternative web frontend. It offers a look and feel which is more similar to Google Reader and TT-RSS with a 3-paned display showing the list of feeds, items and an article.

Links: GitHub