Alpine Linux Installation

Alpine Linux is a lightweight Linux distribution that is perfectly suited for running Miniflux.

An APK package is available from the community repository (it was in testing before).

Edit the file /etc/apk/repositories to enable the Edge repository: And then run apk update.

The Miniflux installation is simple as running:

apk add miniflux miniflux-openrc miniflux-doc

Do not forget to install Postgresql:

apk add postgresql postgresql-contrib

Configure the database and enable the HSTORE extension as mentioned previously.

On Alpine Linux, the Miniflux process is supervised by supervise-daemon from OpenRC (there is no Systemd). The log file /var/log/miniflux.log is rotated with logrotate.

In this context, the configuration file /etc/miniflux.conf is used instead of environment variables:

# /etc/miniflux.conf

DATABASE_URL=user=postgres password=secret dbname=miniflux sslmode=disable

# Run SQL migrations automatically:

To finalize the installation, create the database schema and a first user:

miniflux -c /etc/miniflux.conf -migrate
miniflux -c /etc/miniflux.conf -create-admin

And finally, start the application:

service miniflux start

Make sure to take a look a the list of configuration parameters to customize your installation.